The 8-8-88 Project

The 8-8-88 project is a tribute to my father, Bertram J. Tarlin who passed away this August on the eighth at the age of eighty-eight.

My dad was a quiet man: pensive, gentle and loving. Sometimes, as my brother Bill stated in his eulogy, it was challenging being his child because he was so reserved.

After the funeral, my sister, Nancy, and I came across a manuscript of a novel he wrote, The Artist’s Life. We believe he wrote it in 1948 well before he even met my mom. It’s about a female artist, a painter, seeking: the meaning of life, why art is essential, and true love.

While living, my dad never spoke to me about art or the universal themes in his book; he was a silent soul, yet now that he’s passed through the threshold from this world to… he speaks to me.

In his memory, I’ve begun a painting-mosaic titled, Silent Soul. When complete, it will consist of 88 one foot square oil paintings, one to represent each year of his life. Individually and as a whole, the artwork will attempt to capture the depth of my dad’s character as well as the gaps in his presence and unknown spaces where he may have transcended to then and now.

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3 Responses to The 8-8-88 Project

  1. It is a beautiful idea to do this. I am curious if you find it cathartic to express your feelings about and memories of him in this way.

  2. michael hoffman says:

    You explore the creative process, originally and elegantly. You have moved gracefully to connect with your father. It’s lovely.

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