A Vacation from the Studio

This summer I had the great fortune to set out on not one adventure but three: Paris, Chicago, and the coast of Maine. From Paris I took away fond memories of strolls along the Seine and awe in the midst of so much great art. In Chicago, I visited several galleries both as a viewer and artist seeking representation. 

One of my favorite Chicago photo galleries is David Weinberg’s place in the River North District. When I stopped in I was treated to an amazing experience; on view was his own work in the exhibit Sirens. Below is one of his pieces.

© David Weinberg Photography

These images struck me first as paintings but I knew they weren’t. I was aware I was viewing a photograph but had no idea of what. It didn’t matter, the ethereal, sensual images had me circling the gallery to absorb their beauty.

Nearby I visited with Nancy Voss at Zygman Voss Gallery. She and Ahron, the owners are great champions for paintings. Nancy took home this work, Silent Witnesses.


To end my summer in a true New Englander’s fashion, I went up north to Maine, or “Down East.”

Inspired by the great works I saw in Paris that were done outdoors, plein aire, I took my paint box and canvases to the coast. It was refreshing and actually exhilarating to develop colors based on the changing tide. Soon I hope to touch up these “sketches” and display them.

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