Would you? Could you?

Would you give up your job to do something you like to do more? 4a984f_606b14ea5a39428ba80b9b14cb186fc0-mv2.jpg

Could you do that knowing you would have to leave your home? Give up many other things? Artists make this choice every day when they show up in the studio, or on the stage, or in the orchestra pit. The thrill of facing a blank canvas never gets old for me. What may happen, I do not know. It’s stimulating, exhilarating, and addictive. Every mark, nuance of color, and finished piece is one-of-a-kind. No one can tell me how or what to paint. It is a priceless reward, this micro-world in which I’m free to do as I wish. But, when I put down my tools and lock the studio door, reality is on the other side. Bills are due. A parent’s call needs returning, a child needs me. A “day job” waits.

I teach and run painting events through the MetroWest Arts Academy to support my need to paint. Do you know an organization that needs to raise money? Hosts team building exercises? Or just wants to have a fun event? Would you tell them about me? Could you refer them to MetroWestArtsAcademy.com? If you would, if you could, then I would be most grateful and send you a picture.

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