Say it with flowers…

This is not an ad for FTD.

My Father’s Enigma, oil on canvas, 50”x72”

Artist have used flowers to create beauty and signify mortality from early Roman wall painters to the present, including myself. I have a predilection for blooms with a heady fragrance and unusual forms. Thorns fascinate me too as do seeds and withered petals floating on a breeze.

My current exhibition, Posthumously Blooming, features fanciful compositions of all of the above. They are expressions of my joy for life, empathy for the suffering of others and the mystery of mortality. I invite you to come see them in person. Linger for a while and see what they say to you.

The exhibit is up through July 28 at Galatea Fine Art, 460 Harrison Ave. 6-B Hours:12-5 Wed-Sunday.

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