Tide Poems

I live surrounded by water and the tides marking time. These works echo their characteristics, their rhythm, and the light and atmosphere in their midst. Like a poem and its meter, the marks and visual pauses of atmospheric passages, flow, and sometimes are interrupted – like life.

Tide Poem, Oil on Linen, 30″x30″

Focusing on the dynamic interplay of the sea, tides, wind, birds, and an ever-changing atmosphere, in Mid-Coast Maine, my work documents both these natural phenomena and the things people create and place in its environment. I study the colors, forms, lines, and patterns of tidal flats, its runnels and ripple formations, reflections in channels, and how the birds feed off exposed clams and crabs.

I recreate their textures, colors, and the various atmospheric conditions: fog, the dawn’s early light, clouds breaking with pinpointed rays of light glinting of a rippling high tide. I also examine aquatic plants and those along the shore in different cycles and stages like how sea grass flows underwater or how it settles on and between rocks and glistens a vibrant yellow with veridian shadows at low tide, or sea lavender’s delicate flowers in summer and branching barren structure in winter. My observations and include notations of the colors of boats, buoys, and flotations. These studies and others contribute to development of a vocabulary of lines and gestures I use to compose rhythms and moods in my compositions, the moods of the storms and sunsets, fog and foul weather, the weather which impacts our human condition.

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