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Living on the Water

Ducks beating their wings and bleating a tattoo as eagles screech and dive at ducklings are reminiscent of crowds fleeing or scuffling with oppressors and bullies. Continue reading

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Tide Poems

I live surrounded by water and the tides marking time. These works echo their characteristics, their rhythm, and the light and atmosphere in their midst. Like a poem and its meter, the marks and visual pauses of atmospheric passages, flow, … Continue reading

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Optimism in Dystopian Times

In April of this year, as the apple trees were budding and an abundance of water fowl near my home were nesting in preparation for their eggs to hatch, The Pandemic paid no notice. It raged on invisibly moving through … Continue reading

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Are You In or Are You Out?

The ring is a closed shape; some things are in it and others out. Through a ring we can focus. Continue reading

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The temporal quality of looking at art in person

In our instant media obsessed culture, standing before a painting, the act itself requires courage. Courage to stop. Stop all texts, calls, and pushed beeps, chimes and dings. It requires courage to be alone, with your own thoughts, and fearlessness … Continue reading


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Say it with flowers…

This is not an ad for FTD. Artist have used flowers to create beauty and signify mortality from early Roman wall painters to the present, including myself. I have a predilection for blooms with a heady fragrance and unusual forms. … Continue reading

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Would you? Could you?

Would you give up your job to do something you like to do more?  Could you do that knowing you would have to leave your home? Give up many other things? Artists make this choice every day when they show … Continue reading

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After a year of graduate school, what I’m painting

As I move through this summer between my two years of graduate school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts, I can’t help but wonder how any “painting” can be original. In my first semester  … Continue reading

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A Vacation from the Studio

This summer I had the great fortune to set out on not one adventure but three: Paris, Chicago, and the coast of Maine. From Paris I took away fond memories of strolls along the Seine and awe in the midst … Continue reading

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Paris and Perseverance

Is fifty the new thirty? Last week I was in Paris. My friend Ave, who treated me to this fabulous visit, is not a struggling artist – he’s a physician. He is also an amateur photographer seeking to be more … Continue reading

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